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Angel Essential Oils 1 oz.

Angel Essential Oils 1 oz.

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Net Wt. 28 g / 1 oz.

Introducing a line of highly concentrated plant extracts which can be used for fragrance, aromatherapy, and topical benefits. You can add these to your favorite carrier oils, lotions, or to your diffuser.


♡ Grapefruit - has a characteristic citrusy uplifting aroma and has a high concentration of Vitamin C. It is commonly used in a diffuser and is widely used throughout the aromatherapy and massage industries.

♡ Peppermint - has a refreshing menthol aroma. Like many essential oils, Peppermint Oil is commonly used in aromatherapy for its appealing scent and therapeutic properties.

♡ Lavender - has a pleasantly appealing lavender scent. It is a highly desired ingredient in perfumes, lotions, toiletries and various cosmetic products. Natural essential oils are used for aromatherapy and commonly enjoyed in a diffuser.

♡ Chamomile - Aromatically aids in calming the body and mind. Chamomile Oil is one of the oldest medicinal herbs and is very popular around the world as an ingredient of tea. Due to its natural antioxidant properties, Chamomile Oil makes a great ingredient for cosmetic formulations and aromatherapy.

♡ Lemon - has a powerfully fresh and zesty aroma, that is both energizing and uplifting. This oil is widely used in aromatherapy, personal-care services, as well as soap and candle making.
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